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                        Register Foreign Company   TEL:021-51096551
                        The Company Can Be Agents Of Foreign Invested Enterprises Registered Type
                        Exclusively foreign-owned enterprises     
                        Foreign investment enterprise
                        Chinese and foreign joint venture    
                        Chinese and foreign cooperative enterprises
                        Foreign capital enterprise branch  
                        Foreign enterprises in Shanghai Representative Office
                        The Company Can Be Agents Registered Company Types
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Science and Technology Company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Trading Company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Consulting Company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Catering Company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Advertising Company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Exhibition Company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Stock Company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Finance Leasing Company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai International Freight Proxy Company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Shipping Company
                        Foreign invest International Travel  Service Company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Travel Service Company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Medical Equipment Company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Insurance Proxy Company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Chemical Industry company
                        Foreign invest Shanghai Pawn Shops
                        Contact Us        
                        E-mail: rc11@163.com
                        Contact Person: Mr Li (Manager )
                        Address:20A,971 DONGFANG ROAD, PUDONG, SHANGHAI OF CHINA
                        Company Introduction 
                        Why Choose Us?Shanghai YuanBo Business Consultation LTD  provide you with all the consulting, certificate, company registration services, while also providing professional financial advisers, legal advisers and other services. Our company is located in 20A, 971 Dong fang Road, Pudong, Shanghai. Its one of the  urban office in the central area, traffic here is very convenient.Therefore, we compared good at Shanghai of the business district of Pudong, so that every investor can complete investment dream is our aim. Professional team and standardized operating procedures will bring you a high standard of service.
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                        地址:上海市浦東新區東方路1365號 電話:021-51096551 傳真:021-58891003 E-mail:rcrc11@163.com
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